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TAMAYOKUCHA - EXTREMELY GREEN TEA - This incredible Japanese tea is steamed as it dries, yielding a sweet, light flavor with no bitterness. Like all high quality Japanese green teas, this tea is green, not brown."Tama" means round."(R) yokucha" means green tea - so "round green tea." This extremely green tea is finished in the shade - it is covered for the last few weeks of growth to preserve the chlorophyll. This gives it a full and complex flavor. It is a "Gyokuro" style tea - the most sought-after of all Japanese green teas.

AFRICAN SUNSET – Organic Red Herbal Tea (Rooibos or red bush tea) with Lemon grass is a great caffeine-free alternative. two leaves' African Sunset brews up rich and lemony with just a hint of lemon grass tang to craft a sweet but interesting flavor. Rooibos is also high in anti-oxidants and trace minerals. Red Tea or more literally "red bush" only grows in South Africa where it has a spicy, somewhat astringent herbal flavor, which makes it a great tea alternative.

ORGANIC EARL GREY - Our Earl Grey Black Tea starts with a great quality, organic large leaf, sweet black tea (not "blending teas") from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). We add just a hint of pure bergamot oil to create the famous Earl Grey Black Tea taste. There are many legends of how Earl GreBlack Tea came into being. Our favorite is that the Earl had a shipment of black tea that also picked up bergamot oranges. Tea absorbs flavors and odors and this shipment did just that. It was a huge success on the market and... a legend was born.

ORGANIC ENGLISH BREAKFAST - Assam Black Tea is famous for its lush flavor and golden color. Rich brown and golden tipped leaves yield a distinguished multi-layered "malty" flavor. two leaves and a bud has chosen a traditional, orthodox full leaf black tea. Full bodied, deep gold in color, Assam black tea is the perfect breakfast tea. The region of Assam in north-east India, is the oldest of India's tea growing regions.; where low, rolling hills create a great environment for a rich black tea. Hot days combined with cool nights bring out the fullest flavor.

JASMINE PETAL - Traditional Jasmine tea is green tea dried with petals of jasmine flower. As the green tea dries, it absorbs the flavor of the jasmine. We leave the jasmine petals in ours for a great taste and visual experience. Jasmine green tea is the most consumed tea in China. The finest Jasmine green tea is grown in the Fujian Province, where the teas exhibit a depth and complexity not found in lesser teas.

ALPINE BERRY HERBAL TEA is the perfect complement to a day in the wilderness. We looked to create an herbal tea that was rich, complex and full, like our camellia sinensis (black, green and white) teas. We started with blackberry leaves, strawberry, and raspberry flavors and essences (also hibiscus, apple and orange peel, rose hips) to create an herbal, naturally sweet and refreshing medley which can be enjoyed both hot in winter or iced in summer. This is a great beverage for kids and adults alike.


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