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Does your tea drinker LOVE tea? Do you hear them talk about teas with funny names like "gunpowder" "monkey picked" and "oolong"? Gift them with the I Love Tea Starter Kit tea gift basket filled with quality tea and teaware. With these reuseable accoutrements, your tea lover will be able to quickly and easily prepare a perfect tea infusion with all of their favorite teas.

I  Love Tea Starter Kit is an upgrade from the Tea Survival Basic Starter Kit ($31.99); a stainless steel one cup perfect tea measuring spoon instead of plastic and The Tea Spot silicone foldable tea infuser instead of a package of fillable tea bags.

* Stainless steel perfect one cup measuring spoon.

* Dr. Oz recommended The Tea Spot silicone, foldable tea infuser. Colors will vary.
* Tea Thermometer - Instant Read Tea Thermometer for perfect tea water every time. Easy to read and color coded dial.
* Premium Bio-Dynamic Bai Mu Dan White Tea, 1 ounce.
* Comprehensive Tea Brewing Guidelines
* 25% off tea coupon for any amount of tea from our inventory of over 100 premium quality teas.
* Our exclusive GreeTEAngtm Keepsake Card - A bookmark-like card picturing I Love Tea Starter Kit, why the gift is so special and your handwritten sentiments. For  your tea drinker's convenience, we print tea brewing guidelines on the back.
* Fun packaging - colorful box enclosed in a cello bag cinched on top with a handmade pom pom bow. Colors will vary slightly. Delightful!

Gift finished size is 8" by 4.5" by 18".  .

Features Benefits
White Tea - Low Caffeine Great gift for all tea drinkers!
Loose Leaf Tea Bio-Dynamic
Chinese Tea - White Peony

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
It was a pleasant surprise!Sure, I would be delighted to receive another Tea Lover Gift Basket. I enjoy different types of tea. Written by Kim M on Fri 28 Dec 2012 8:40:41 PM GMT


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