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Selection of three (3) herbal (caffeine free) tea in tea bags: Heavenly Chai, French Lavender & Chamomile 5 teabags of each tea.Sandy Tuck's ever popular & inspiring book "A Little Touch of Heaven".Porcelain winged angel playing a heavenly instrument tea light candle holder. 4" by 4" by 6"The unique angel tea light candle holder lit with the included tea light candletealight candle for inside the angel candle holderreal wildflower honey in straws, 1 teaspoon of tasty honey in each.All natural shortbread cookies, an ounce. Delicious imported Walker's English toffeeFeathered and textured hand tied bow with wooden angel wings ornamentUnique bow with features highlighted by blue: feathers, silver ribbon, blue wire ribbon stars and the painted wood angel wings ornament
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Delight your special tea drinker who has a fondness for ANGELS! This endearing gift is all about ANGELS! A memorable gift for anyone who is feeling down or ill, as well as for special occasions and holidays like Mother’s Day or Christmas.


The selection of three (3) herbal teas in tea bags, a porcelain Angel candle holder with candle, the inspiring ‘A Little Touch of Heaven’ book and the wooden handmade angel ornament highlight this cheerful basket. This bright white basket with pink, yellow, & blue shred with embellishments also features shortbread, imported toffees and honey. The remarkable hand tied bow features real feathers.



v 5 teabags each of Heavenly Chai, French Lavender & Chamomile herbal (caffeine free) tea in a recycled keepsake tin.

v An exquisite, porcelain, white, winged Angel playing a heavenly instrument tea light candle holder, tea light candle included. Angel measures 4” by 4” by 6”.

v Imported, all natural shortbread or USA made, artisan shortbread, an ounce.

v Several imported, English Toffees.

v 5 natural wildflower honey one teaspoon sticks.

v Very unique hand tied bow using weaved silver fabric ribbon, blue wire ribbon with stars, real white feathers surrounding a glittering wooden, hand painted angel wings ornament.

v Cheerful re-useable, white or beautiful mahogany stained basket with pink, yellow, white and blue shred and embellishments.

v Our exclusive GreeTEAng Keepsake Card™. We handwrite your sentiments here, where the exceptional gift contents are described for your special tea drinker. On the back, we print comprehensive tea brewing guidelines.

The finished gift measures 12” long by 8 “ wide and 18” high. Angel Kisses ships securely, as shown. Thank you.

Features Benefits
Herbal Tea All about Angels!
Caffeine Free or No Caffeine Relaxing Tea and Beautiful Book!

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews: 4.8
after previously ordering from this company, I need not consider others..A gift basket provides a good sampling of items..just in case the recipient doesn't like one product, they still have other options. You provide a lovely product for a reasonable price. I knew, after previously ordering from this company, that I need not consider others. The first purchase was very successful. I found the website very easy to use. I think you offer a good variety. I will absolutely order from Tea Lover Gift Baskets again. The baskets are beautiful, the prices reasonable, and it feels like I'm ordering from a friend. Written by Diana W on Wed 17 May 2017 3:31:50 AM GMT
This gift touched my heart...My gift arrived in excellent condition. It was beautifully packaged. It was clear to me who sent the gift and why. It was clear what the different gift products were and why they were selected just for me. At this time I am grieving and each item was perfect. I found the gift contents to be above average quality. The exclusive GreeTEAng Keepsake card was beautiful. I would not change anything about the Tea Lover Gift Basket gift I received, it was perfect. I would be delighted to receive another Tea Lover Gift Basket gift, this gift touched my heart. Thank you. Now that I have received a Tea Lover Gift Basket gift, I would send one to a tea lover on my gift list. I would love to receive a gift with a teapot in the future. Written by Debbie F on Tue 30 Jun 2015 4:48:15 AM GMT
it arrived in excellent was packaged really well and I knew who it was from for a special occasion. I knew it was from my daughter-in-law, she knows what I like. The gift contents seem to be of good quality, except I don't like things made in China and your logo label covered that fact on the bottom of the angel candle holder. I would be delighted to receive another Tea Lover Gift Basket. I like receiving any kinds of gifts and know that I was thought of by a thoughtful daughter in law and son. Written by Angela L. on Fri 17 May 2013 10:01:18 PM GMT
My mother-in-law loves tea.I wanted a unique gift for her. I like the look of this basket - could not find anything similar from any other website. Your website was easy to use - easy to order from. I was looking for a bigger basket with more angel items. Gift basket ideas - more varieties of baskets with different themes. Written by Jennifer L. on Wed 15 May 2013 12:17:48 AM GMT
I recieved Angel Kisses on the day of my birthday!It arrived in excellent condition. It was clear to me who sent me the gift because of the gift card attached. I found the gift contents to be of above average quality. I would be delighted to receive another Tea Lover Gift Basket gift. I am a tea drinker and lover. Written by Rose on Sat 16 Apr 2011 5:04:35 AM GMT


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