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Whether you are looking for a green tea sampler gift for health conscious tea drinkers, those new to tea or passionate lovers of green tea, you will find choice selections here!

Send this green tea sampler tea gift to aunts, uncles, siblings, other family and friends. Always a great thank you, birthday or get well gift. Corporate clients enjoy the impressive presentation and sending a health promoting gift that can be shared. We can personalize!

Most are whole leaf grade (OP) or better. Blended or flavored teas are done with the finest flowers, herbs and fruits. Detailed tea brewing guidelines always included.

Upgrade your gift by adding an infuser or easy to fill teabags.

3 Selections from below or similar
Genmaicha: translated ‘brown rice tea’. Bancha or medium grade Sencha green tea combined with popped brown rice which adds a slightly nutty taste.
Hojicha: roasted Bancha or medium grade Sencha with a savory nutty fragrance. Lower in caffeine and tannins. Great iced or hot and before going to sleep.
Sencha:Japan’s most popular tea. Distinctive needle-like leaf shape, delicately sweet with a mild astringency.
Sencha with Matcha: Sencha tea with the bright green matcha tea added. Matcha is ground green tea leaf, a powder, so is consumed not infused.
Japanese whole leaf green
Sanpin: Green tea scented with Jasmine flowers. Okinawan tea believed to promote long life.
Gyokuro:Japan’s best green tea. Tea bushes are shaded for the first 3 weeks in May while the first flush develops. This produces darker leaves but a sweeter and milder taste.

3 Selections from below or similar
Citrus Green: Sri Lanka green tea with natural lemon flavor
Marrakech Mint: Chinese green and peppermint leaves
Bamboo Sprouts: Organic Japanese green teas, ginger bits, cardamon, pineapple bits, papaya bits, coconut rasps, mango bits, rose blossoms & buds and bamboo sprouts.
Blossoms of Spring: Chinese green, willow herb, sunflower blossoms, rose & marigold blossoms.

Chai Green: Indian & Japanese green tea, cinnamon, ginger bits, cloves, cardamon, fennel, aniseed, mandal flakes, rose blossoms & vanilla bits.
Blueberry Green: Sri Landa green tea with natural blueberry flavor.
The 8 Treasures: Japanese & Chinese green teas, mini Tuo Tea cakes, white tea, pineapple & strawberry bits, & sunflower blossoms (8 components).


  • Three (3) specialty gourmet teas, an ounce each. Enough to make several cups, more with multiple infusions (suggested).
  • Unique gift packaging: a gift bag styled as an Asian style shirt, black & gold detailing with a hand-tied gold fabric bow.
  • Gift Card of your choice (choose from list below), on which we hand write your sentiments.
  • Complete tea brewing guidelines.

    This finished gift measures 9” x 4.5” x 18”.

    Impressionist Teddy Bear Tea French Tea Mixed Media (add $1.99)  Diecut Teacup Black 'Thinking of You' (add $1.99)
    Diecut Teacup Floral (add $1.99) Scottish Tearooms with Recipe Vintage Tea Postcard - Hornimans
    Vintage Tea Postcard - Tea Gown Get Well with Poem Vintage  Holiday Tags

Features Benefits
Healthy Green Tea Collections Universal appeal, impressive presentation

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 4 reviews: 5.0
It is very good.My gift arrived in excellent condition. It was clear who send the gift and why. I have only tried one of the teas and it was very good. I usually drink herbal tea so I am trying this green tea. Written by Palma R. on Thu 21 Apr 2016 10:40:47 PM GMT
Submitted by Lori Malamut on Wed 11 Dec 2013 4:52:27 PM GMT
it was perfect!My gift arrived in excellent condition and it was clear to me who sent the gift and why. I'm familiar with the different teas and enjoyed different flavors. I found the gift contents to be above average quality and I liked the packaging. I would not change anything about the tea gift basket I received, it was perfect! I would be delighted to receive another Tea Lover Gift Basket. I love different teas. I would send a Tea Lover Gift Basket to a tea lover on my gift list. Keep up the good work. Written by Julia D on Tue 6 Aug 2013 8:19:09 PM GMT
We wanted something unique...that is why we chose a tea gift basket instead of a more traditional gift like clothing or jewelry. We found your advertisement and Mother's Day promotion in the TeaTime Magazine. The search function on your website is great if I already know what to look for. But I felt the categories/navigation could be better organized to help people like me who know little about tea. This is probably not an issue for most of your customers though. I do not have an idea for a tea gift basket, but I wanted to say that Mom loved her gift, and to thank you for your help. I will definitely recommend your site to people who are looking for an original and special gift idea. Cheers! Written by Robert D. on Sun 21 Jul 2013 1:38:31 AM GMT


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