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easy to fill t-sac brand teabagsstainless steel perfect one cup snap infuserColorful, plastic perfect one cup measuring spoonstainless steel perfect one cup tea measuring spoon
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Heavenly smells from the kitchen, visions of sugar plums, something special for the winter season …Our Holiday Tea Collections let you share memorable times, a personal, impressive gift of tea with the tea drinkers on your list.

This is a perfect holiday gift for aunts, uncles, siblings, parents, and friends. Great as a birthday or thank you gift as well. Right on target as a corporate gift.

Each select gift features three (3) different gourmet loose leaf teas – enough fresh tea to make several delicious cups, more with multiple infusions.

Upgrade your gift by adding an infuser, easy to fill teabags or a tea measuring spoon.

Snowman Black Tea Collection (purple):

Snowflake: Sri Lanka, India & China black tea, almond flakes, cinnamon & coconut flakes.

Snowman’s Secret Blend: black tea, apple bits, orange peels, cinnamon, currants, almond flakes, cloves & safflowers.

Snowman Spice: black tea, cinnamon bits, citrus peel, cloves, cardamom, caramel bits and pumpkin sprinkles.


Penquin Green Tea Collection (green):

Chilly Willy Cherry Rose: Hunan Chinese green tea processed sencha style, rose petals with cherry.
Penquin’s Punch: green tea, cranberry bits, hibiscus flowers and rosehip peels.

March of the Penquins Mango: Japanese sencha style Chinese green tea, pineapple pieces, mallow blossoms with mango.


Reindeer Herbal Tea Collection (no caffeine) (red):

Rudolph’s Rescue: rooibos tea, cocoa, ginger, cinnamon, barley, malt, chicory, cardamom, pepper & fruits.

Reindeer Games: dried cranberry bits, apple bits, cinnamon bits and dark berry bits.

Cinnamon Apple Sleigh Ride: A cinnamon apple taste: apple bits, chamomile blossoms, cinnamon.



v Three (3) premium gourmet specialty loose leaf teas, one (1) ounce each. Enough to make several cups, more with multiple infusions.

v Fun, adorable and festive holiday packaging.

v Our exclusive GreeTEAng Keepsake card. On the front, we describe why this gift is so special and hand write your sentiments. On the back, we list …

v Comprehensive tea brewing guidelines.

We arrange the three one ounce tea packages in an adorable holiday themed handled box.

Should you choose to add an infuser or easy to fill empty teabags, we place them in the box next to the teas.

Should you choose to add the plastic or stainless steel tea measuring spoon, we wrap and tie the spoon onto the box handle, as show (shown without clear cello wrap).

Our exclusive GreeTEAng Keepsake card, on which we hand write your sentiments, is tied to the box handle so your tea drinker can clearly see who sent their gift and why it is so special.

This finished gift measures 6.5” x 18" x 3.5". Your tea drinker will lift your gift out of the shipping box as shown.


Features Benefits
Sampler of different holiday teas Good for men,women, and corporate as holiday gift, birthday or thank you.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 9 reviews: 5.0
Yes, very thoughtful!My gift arrived in great condition, nothing damaged, the box was 2X the size of the gift basket. It was not clear at first who sent the gift. It just said the sendor was "Thompson" and it was really from my friend Luke. It was clear what the different gift products were and why they were selected just for me. Very thoughtful :). I have not tried the tea yet, I just opened the package! But the tea descriptions look enticing and exotic and creative. I would like to see tea bags to hold the loose leaf tea included in the gift. Also macaroons and pretty tea cup would be great additions to a tea gift basket. I would be delighted to receive another Tea Lover Gift Basket Gift. I love tea and trying new teas is always exciting. The penguin is super cute and I love the tea spoon measure. Now that I have received a Tea Lover Gift Basket gift, I have several friends who would appreciate a gift of loose leaf tea. Written by Elizabeth O. on Thu 21 Apr 2016 10:49:39 PM GMT
looking for something different...I was looking for something different this year and thought a gift basket would be perfect. The features most valuable to me were the products in the basket. I found the website pretty easy to use. I would purchase a Tea Lover Gift Basket gift again. Written by P Rodriguez on Fri 14 Nov 2014 7:17:49 AM GMT
I found exactly what I was looking for here!I choose a gift basket instead of a another gift because of the variety and presentation. The Tea Lover Gift Baskets features most valuable to me were freshness and unique blends. Before choosing a Tea Lover Gift Basket, I looked on Amazon. I found your website to be very user friendly! I found exactly what I was looking for at Tea Lover Gift Baskets. Written by Reagan H on Tue 9 Sep 2014 6:16:05 PM GMT
nicely wrapped and presentedThe packaging held up well during shipping and the interior box was nicely wrapped and presented. There was a card enclosed with the name and note of who sent the gift and why. The individual tea bags with descriptions of ingredients are very helpful and helped me select which tea I was in the mood for whenever I reached for them. Also, the steeping info is useful! The herbal tea was exceptional - I especially enjoyed 'Sweet Christmas'. The black blends were not as flavorful as I would prefer - I had 'Nutcracker' and 'Hearthside Toddy'. I would have preferred more herbal blends than black or green tea. However, I know many people enjoy a variety, and my daughter will enjoy the green blends. I was delighted to receive a Tea Lover Gift Baskets tea gift. Tea is always an appreciated gift at my house. I would probably send a Tea Lover Gift Basket gift to my daughter, who is also a tea lover. The package was very pretty and the overall gift was a pleasure to receive. I also enjoy loose leaf tea and use paper tea filters. Your sustainablity statement makes me feel good about making potential future purchases from your company. Written by Deborah E. on Sat 4 Jan 2014 8:21:44 PM GMT
Perfect!My gift arrived in perfect condition. OH yes, it was clear to me who sent the gift and why. I loved the note, it made me feel very special. I love green tea. I found the tea to be of excellent quality. I would not change a thing about my Tea Lover Gift Basket gift, it was just perfect. I would be delighted to receive another Tea Lover Gift Basket gift, I love tea especially white and green tea. I was very happy with my gift and sent two Tea Lover Gift Basket gifts to family members for Christmas, taking advantage of the new customer discount. I would love to receive white tea - white Christmas tea in a future Tea Lover Gift Basket gift. I love the way you personalize the gift baskets. Written by Yani C. on Wed 1 Jan 2014 2:10:31 AM GMT
variety and unusualI chose a Tea Lover Gift Basket instead of another gift because of the variety and because it was unusual. The feature most valuable to me was there was no 'extraneous stuff'. I check out 2-3 other websites before deciding on this gift at Tea Lover Gift Baskets. I found the website pretty easy to use. I would like to see more 'tea only' selections. Written by John E. on Wed 1 Jan 2014 1:02:57 AM GMT
I had to have a gift by the 4th!I chose a tea gift basket because I had to have a gift delivered by the 4th. The features of the Tea Lover Gift Basket gifts sounded good. I did consider other companies before going with Tea Lover Gift Baskets. The ease of use of the website was fine. Thanks! Written by Mary C on Fri 20 Dec 2013 6:27:01 AM GMT
i love your green tea, it's so mild I really enjoy it. Written by Yani Cloud on Tue 10 Dec 2013 10:02:11 PM GMT
Submitted by Gordon Hatch on Sat 30 Nov 2013 5:38:25 AM GMT


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