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Using the Original stainless steel Teastick is smooth and easy. The smooth flavors of Tea Lover Teas are easy to enjoy! Your special tea drinker with love the convenience and quality of this gourmet tea infuser paired with fun and masterfully blended Tea Lover Teas. Perfect for him, for any occasion.


The teastick is a sleek one-cup infuser that combines the quality of loose leaf tea with the convenience (but not the waste) of a tea bag. Simply scoop, slide, steep and stir to enjoy your favorite tea with ease and modern style.


Made entirely of kitchen-grade 304 stainless steel, the Teastick is dishwasher safe. Proven in the demanding environments of restaurants and tea shops, the Teastick is made for a lifetime of home use. The Teastick: the ultimate infuser for tea connoisseurs.


Everyone knows a fragrant cup of tea can be comforting and uplifting. A cup of tea infused with unique Tea Lover Teas is remarkable. Your special tea drinker will appreciate your specialized gift as out of the ordinary and something special.


Select from our fun and delicious specialty tea samplers paired with the impressive original Teastick:



Super Powers: Chai: green tea, coriander, cumin, sweet fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, curry and lemongrass leaves.

The man, the myth, the legend: rooibos, red thistle, cornflower, calendula petals and natural almond flavor.

A Classic: Earl Grey: organic black tea, cornflowers and natural bergamot flavor.



Nice Cuppa Tea - vanilla spice taste: black tea, vanilla and ginger bits and natural flavors. (black tea)

Immuni-TEA – tea for energy of strength, immunity and growth: ginger root, saffron, black pepper, licorice root, clove, green cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, safflowers, peppermint, licorice, tulsi, natural sambuca (licorice) flavor (herbal – no caffeine)

Bright with Sunshine: organic Japanese style Chinese green tea, hibiscus, osmanthus, and calendula petals. (green tea)



Birthday GreeTEAngs: cinnamon apple taste: apple bits, chamomile blossoms, cinnamon and natural flavors (herbal – no caffeine tea)

Celebration Day: green tea, coriander, cumin, sweet fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, curry and lemongrass leaves (green tea)

Special Day – Special You: Indian black tea, apricot pieces, marigolds and natural apricot flavor (black tea)



Gra-TEA-tude: a good Sencha grade Japanese green tea, roasted & popped rice (green tea)

You Rock!: Gourmet blend of teas from Sri Lanka, Kenya, and India - extra fancy orange pekoe grade (black tea)

Above and Beyond: sweet orange taste: rooibos, cinnamon & raspberry bits, raspberry leaves, fennel, chamomile and alchemilla (herbal – no caffeine tea)



The Green Tea Affair: Hunan province, Chinese green processed Japanese Sencha style, rose petals and natural flavor (green tea)

Only Have Eyes for You: apple, rosehip pcs, cornflower, hibiscus petals, hint of natural caramel flavor (herbal - no caffeine tea)

Crime of Passion: organic puerh, cinnamon, honeybush, cacao nibs, safflower, chili flakes, chocolate and natural flavors (black tea)


EVERYDAY (Make your own occasion)

English breakfast - Gourmet blend of teas from Sri Lanka, Kenya, and India (black tea)

Jasmine Green green tea with jasmine flowers (green tea)

Chai: rooibos, cocoa, ginger, cinnamon, barley, malt, chicory, cardamom, pepper & fruits (herbal – no caffeine)



Christmas Chai: rooibos, cocoa, ginger, cinnamon, barley, malt, chicory, cardamom, pepper & fruits (herbal - no caffeine)

Chestnut - premium black tea from Sri Lanka flavored with roasted chestnuts. (black tea)

Cranberry Glow: green tea, cranberry bits, hibiscus flowers and rosehip peels (green tea)



·        State of the art originalTeastick.

·        Sampler selection of three (3) Tea Lover Teas. Enough to infuse many cups of delicious, healthy brew with multiple infusions.

·        Tea infusion guidelines – each tea comes with easy to follow guidelines to bring out the nuances specific for that tea.

·        Impressive Presentation. The tea and Teastick are nestled in black & silver fill, enrobed in silver tissue paper secured with a silver seal inside a heavy gauge, black gloss gift box. This box is further hand wrapped in black kraft wrapping paper embellished with two fabric ribbons and a designer name card on which Smooth Operator is artfully designed. Christmas presentation (traditional colors and silver) available.

·        Exclusive GreeTEAng Keepsake Card™ – on this bookmark-like card we tell your special tea drinker why this gift was especially chosen for them, explain why it is so special and show them the picture. We write your sentiments here. On the back, we have listed comprehensive tea brewing guidelines.


The finished gift measures 8” x 8” x 3”. The original Teastick measures 6” x 1.75” x 1”. The tea packages (three – 3) measure 4” x 6” x 1”.


Your gift is entirely designed, crafted, and shipped from our design studio in San Jose, CA. Tea labels are our design. The teas are grown and imported from overseas but packaged in our studio. The original Teasticks were designed in North Carolina, made in China. We have all appropriate licenses and certifications.


Features Benefits
Black Tea, High Caffeine Upscale Tea Gift for your Special Someone!
Green Tea, Low Caffeine, High Antioxidants Three tea selections: something for everyone.
Herbal Tea, No Caffeine Quality, reusable, attractive, easy to clean tea infuser.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 5.0
a guy who have everything...Jim a.k.a. Bucko, is a guy who has everything. But he loves tea. We knew right away that tea would be incorporated into his gifts. We found your site and the gift pack with a 'cool gadget' (Teastick) won us over. Your website was user friendly! Offered items that were easily understood and payment options were perfect. Your website is so much more appealing than other sites and easy to navigate. I did think of adding both the tea choices that were offered in the Smooth Operator pack but did not find that option. My only concern is that I chose the Endurance option from the pull down menu, but packaging on the gift is showing Wake Your Assam. An idea would be to include additional tea options as pull down menu add-ons on order page obviously changing cost of basket. I find it easier on a site to start with a selection and then add items, rather than ala carte. This company has impressed me from beginning to next order! :) I will be taking advantage of your offer to get my purchase free by submitting a photo or short video of 'Bucko' enjoying his Tea Lover Gift Basket Gift. He is such a ham!! Written by Paul G. on Sun 21 Jul 2013 2:17:07 AM GMT
My dad loves tea....I googled tea baskets....found a couple I liked on other sites, but not what I wanted. My father is in another State and I didn't want to deal with shopping, wrapping, and mailing. Written by Christina R. on Tue 10 Jan 2012 5:22:42 PM GMT
wanted something more unique...that's why I chose a Tea Lover Gift Baskets tea gift. I found the gift contents to be of above average quality. I would be delighted to give or receive another Tea Lover Gift Baskets tea gift. Written by William K. on Thu 29 Dec 2011 10:42:15 PM GMT


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