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Anti-oxidant Junkie premium GREEN tea blend: Organic green tea, organic rooibos, ginseng roots, linden blossom, rose petals, lemon and orange granules, natural orange and lemon flavor.Serenity Now rooibos HERBAL tea: Green rooibos, mango and papaya bits, peach bits, and rice flour, citrus peels, rose petals, and marigold flowers.Energizer Yogi BLACK tea: Organic assam and nilgiri black tea, dried pomegranate and natural pomegranate flavor.Immunity Booster HERBAL tea: Rosehip shells, orange peel, lemon peel, echinacea root, cinnamon bark and ginger root.Tea: How to Prepare It, How to Serve It and Where it Comes From. 4"x 6" paperback book from Harvest House Publishing. An endearing treasure for those who appreciate a warm, refreshing cup of tea and the simple joy of discovery.Starter package of 20 unbleached, biodegradable, sustainably harvested single use tea bags
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“The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort and refinement” Arthur Gray


Peace, comfort and refinement is what Spa Tea-zer is all about. Perfect for all women for all occasions.


Healthy and practical too. The tea selections are bursting with healthy fruit, herb, spice and antioxidant goodness. Recycle the packaging and all the remaining gifts can be used including the French themed black wire soap dish ‘basket’. Oo La La.



v:Two (2) one (1) ounce packages of spa ready herbal teas: 

o   Refresh herbal tea (1 ounce):  apple bits, hibiscus, blackberry, peppermint, raspberry leaves, and sunflower blossoms.

o   Replenish herbal tea (1 ounce): sweet orange taste: rooibos, cinnamon & raspberry bits, raspberry leaves, fennel, chamomile and alchemilla.

v Perfect one cup measuring tea spoon in bright, fun colors.

v Every so popular, French themed black wire soap dish. 6.25” x 3.75” x 3.5”.

v French milled or hand crafted tea fragrance soap, locally sourced – 3 to 6 ounces. (Shown is green tea and honey hand crafted soap).

v White peach tea scented tealight candle.

v Cloth, re-useable face pads.

v Package of make-up applicators, always a welcome gift!

v Stylish travel package of tissues for their purse or backpack.

v Our exclusive GreeTEAng Keepsake™ card on which we handwrite your sentiments. The front describes why this gift is so special, the back provides tea infusion guidelines.

v Beautiful presentation: coordinating bright colors and sparkle, embellished with flowers. The fabric bow features a large berber daisy, front and center.

v Add a package of TeaBrew tea bags for $2.99.

v Add the book “365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know” for $6.99.


The Spa Tea-zer is placed inside a cello bag, tied off with fabric ribbon highlighting a berber daisy, front and center. The finished size of the gift is 6.5” by 4” by 18”. This is how the Spa Tea-zer will look when your special tea drinker removes your gift from the white shipping box.


Use by date - TEA: All teas will have, at least, a 12 month shelf life.
Features Benefits
Variety of tea selections Customize for YOUR tea drinker!
Beautiful colors and packaging, Fragrant tea, soap and candle Awaken her senses.


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