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side/angle view of the Tea Tray Set gift.view from the top of the Tea Tray Set gift.Tea Tray Set gift securely wrapped for shipping and how your tea drinker will see your gift as they remove it from the white shipping box.
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Playing a starring role in this unique tea gift is our Tea Set Tray. White porcelain, 12 oz teapot, 7 oz teacup, sugar and creamer, toast rack and tray.


Perfect tea gift for get well wishes, new home congratulations, for a favorite friend or relative on their birthday, as a special Holiday surprise – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day.


A six tea in bags sampler, attractive tea spoon, vintage lace trimmed fabric napkin and a three (3) package of French butter cookies. We did not forget the sugar or milk, either. Your special tea drinker just needs to add water to have an enjoyably, intimate tea time for themselves. Imagine them enjoying their Tea Tray Set in their garden, favorite room in their home or even to create a bit of home when they cannot be in their home.


The white porcelain Tea Set Tray is dishwasher and microwave safe and will match all home decors. The handles of the teapot and tea cup as well as the teapot lid are graced with a simple, one flower motif. This Tea Set Tray is designed for use by one person.


A gender neutral option is available: neutral colors and plain cloth napkin. Note there is a simple flower motif on the cup handle, teapot handle and lid.


*A unique, white porcelain Tea Tray Set: 12 oz teapot, 7 oz teacup, sugar and creamer, toast rack and tray. The tray has indents to indicate where the tea ware is placed and help keep the tea ware steady during transport. The Tea Tray Set is dishwasher and microwave safe. White matches all decors. The teapot lid, teapot handle and teacup handle are decorated with a single flower motif – simple and elegant.

*A six (6) tea in bags sampler, perfect size to use in the teapot. The sampler includes premium, hand packed, black (2), green (2) and herbal (2) Tea Lover Teas.

*A three (3) pack of French butter cookies. Once the cookies are enjoyed, your tea drinker can use the toast rack to enjoy their favorite breads.

*One (1) attractive gold tea spoon to stir condiments into their tea. The demitasse sized spoon will have a teapot or teacup decoration on the end.

*The sugar bowl will be full with either multicolored granulated sugar or 4 decorated sugar cubes.

*The creamer pitcher will be full with dry creamer.

*One (1) vintage, antique lace trimmed napkin (gender neutral will have a plain, cloth napkin)

*Select a greeting card from the list below onto which we will handwrite your sentiments.


The size of the gift wrapped for shipping is approximately 11” by 9” by 5” and weighs about 5 pounds.


We do packaging a little differently here. We take time to securely protect this gift for shipping while still allowing your special tea drinker to see the Tea Tray Set upon opening the box. We have included a photo of how your tea drinker will see your gift as they take it out of the box.


We create bubble wrap pouches for each piece of porcelain – open at the top, place them in their positions on the tray, then shrink wrap the tea tray set in place. The Tea Tray Set ships safely and your special tea drinker sees the Tea Tray Set immediately upon removing your gift from the white shipping box. Truly, they only need to add water to enjoy your gift right away.


Your gift is entirely designed, crafted and shipped from our design studio in San Jose, CA . Tea labels are our design. The teas are grown overseas but packaged in our studio. We have all appropriate licenses and certificates.

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